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Big Rig's Trucking Agency Inc.
Big Rig's Trucking Agency Inc, Service you deserve..
Edwin Ramos, President and Founder of Big Rig’s Trucking Agency Inc.

It's fair to say that Edwin Ramos began his professional career earlier than most, having joined the United States military and specializing in transportation at the mere age of 18. Following his time spent in the military, Edwin went on to obtain his property & casualty broker license at the age of twenty-one, and began working for many truck insurance companies. After having worked in the insurance industry for some time, increasing many former employer’s sales, gaining experience in website development, and marketing, Edwin simultaneously witnessed the ways in which inexperienced and unsuspecting truckers, like his own father are frequently taken advantage of by the trucking industry. Edwin became inspired to begin an independent insurance agency of his own, with the goal in mind of giving back to uninformed truckers by providing them with opportunities to learn how to book loads and run a trucking business properly.

What We Do
Commercial Truck Insurance Coverages We Offer
Daily care experts
Commercial Auto Truck Insurance
When operating commercial equipment engaged in the business of transporting goods for others must have a commercial auto liability policy to provide coverage for bodily injury. SEE MORE
Available 24/7
Cargo Truck Insurance
All motor carriers must purchase Cargo insurance in case of a loss for the transportation of non-owned truck cargo that’s been transferred into their care. SEE MORE
Balanced care
Bobtail Truck Insurance
Coverage for bodily injury and property damage that is caused by the operator of the equipment when the owner/operator is outside the scope of his lease agreement. SEE MORE
high caliber caregivers
Physical Damage Truck Insurance
Physical Damage coverage for your truck gives you 24-hour collision coverage for physical damage to your truck such as rollover, theft, vandalism, collision or fire. SEE MORE
Peace of mind
Non-Trucking Liability Insurance
Non Trucking Liability provides a third party with cover for property damage or bodily injury. In most cases non-trucking liability is provided by the motor carrier. SEE MORE
A trusted partner
Physical Damage Truck Insurance
Experienced truckers know they must be prepared for any occurrence that could put off contract their commercial truck and their livelihood. That covers everything. SEE MORE
Cognitive therapeutics
Contingent Liability
In the trucking industry, there is a natural progression of drivers: first, the driver of the service, then, the owner / operator, and finally, get your own authority. SEE MORE
Home Nursing Care
Leased Operator Truck Insurance
As a semi-owner operator, 3 different products-non-trucking liability, physical damage and occupational accident insurance can satisfy most of your insurance needs.. SEE MORE

Our 97% client satisfaction rate is unparalleled in our field.
Read below what our clients have to say and learn more about what makes us the premier provider of in-home senior care.
Shara M.
caregiving daughter
your help and assistance in this challenging period is greatly appreciated. our entire family extends our thanks for all you have done.
Where YOUR loved one is treated like family.
Big Rig's Trucking Agency Inc.
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We're aware of the overbearing presence of older males in the trucking industry, and the devastating underrepresentation of young and female truckers, Edwin has vowed to prioritize both of these groups. As a 100% paperless company with low overhead, Big Rig’s Trucking Agency Inc. promises all of its customers more affordable rates than its competition.
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Our Mission
Two or more years of experience in home health care services
BLS Certified
PPD testing (TB testing)
Criminal background check
Physical examination
Two or more positive references
Professional licensing
Licensed, Insured and Bonded

Having spent well over Fifteen years in the trucking industry. Edwin Ramos, President of Big Rig's Trucking Agency Inc. is dumbfounded by the fact that an industry which generates over $750+ billion annually,  is also closely related to thousands of trucking businesses that have gone bankrupt simply due to a lack of information on how to properly run a trucking business. For years during his professional career and all throughout his upbringing, Edwin witnessed how uninformed and unsuspecting truckers, like his own father, failed in the industry because they didn't know how to book loads and couldn't obtain adequate clientele of their own.

Edwin's mission in leading Big Rig's Trucking Agency is to serve ALL owner-operators, small fleets, and professional truckers,  regardless of their background, equally and fairly.

Big Rig's Trucking Agency is also passionate about promoting highway safety and responsibility among all highway users, and establishing a better and more efficient business climate for all truck operators.
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