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Edwin Ramos, President and Founder of Big Rig’s Trucking Agency Inc.

It's fair to say that Edwin Ramos began his professional career earlier than most, having joined the United States military and specializing in transportation at the mere age of 18. Following his time spent in the military, Edwin went on to obtain his property & casualty broker license at the age of twenty-one, and began working for many truck insurance companies. After having worked in the insurance industry for some time, increasing many former employer’s sales, gaining experience in website development, and marketing, Edwin simultaneously witnessed the ways in which inexperienced and unsuspecting truckers, like his own father, are frequently taken advantage of by the trucking industry. Edwin became inspired to begin an independent insurance agency of his own, with the goal in mind of giving back to uninformed truckers by providing them with opportunities to learn how to book loads and run a trucking business properly.

Edwin has developed many positive relationships with some of the most notable warehouse and trucking companies throughout the state of New Jersey, where he's lived his entire life.

Edwin is well aware that many truckers throughout the nation often have Freight Brokers that steal their money by withholding percentages of their paychecks. Motor Carriers who over-charge leased owner operators for coverages. As a result, Edwin has ensured that Big Rig’s Trucking Agency Inc. will always promote its clientele by providing them with clientele of their own. As a 100% paperless company with low overhead, Big Rig’s Trucking Agency Inc. promises all of its customers more affordable rates than its competition.
Mission Statement

Having spent well over Fifteen years in the trucking industry. Edwin Ramos, President of Big Rig's Trucking Agency Inc. is dumbfounded by the fact that an industry which generates over $750+ billion annually,  is also closely related to thousands of trucking businesses that have gone bankrupt simply due to a lack of information on how to properly run a trucking business. For years during his professional career and all throughout his upbringing, Edwin witnessed how uninformed and unsuspecting truckers, like his own father, failed in the industry because they didn't know how to book loads and couldn't obtain adequate clientele of their own.

Edwin's mission in leading Big Rig's Trucking Agency is to serve ALL owner-operators, small fleets, and professional truckers,  regardless of their background, equally and fairly.

Big Rig's Trucking Agency is also passionate about promoting highway safety and responsibility among all highway users, and establishing a better and more efficient business climate for all truck operators.
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