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Commercial Truck Insurance Coverages We Offer:

When operating commercial equipment engaged in the business of transporting goods for others must have a commercial auto liability policy to provide coverage for bodily injury and property damage. SEE MORE
Coverage for bodily injury and property damage that is caused by the operator of the equipment when the owner/operator is outside the scope of his lease agreement with the motor carrier. SEE MORE
All motor carriers must purchase Cargo insurance in case of a loss for the transportation of non-owned truck cargo that’s been transferred into their care, custody and control. SEE MORE
If you have purchased a new truck and you only need to drive it to the terminal of your motor carrier in order to sign your lease and formally commence your business relationship, then it’s quite possible you only need a temporary non-trucking liability insurance policy, we can provide either a 10 day, or a 30 day policy to fit your needs. SEE MORE
Non Trucking Liability provides coverage for property damage or bodily injury to a third party, and in most cases is required by the motor carrier with whom the owner operator has signed a lease agreement. SEE MORE
Physical Damage coverage for your truck gives you 24-hour collision coverage for physical damage to your truck such as rollover, theft, vandalism, collision or fire. SEE MORE
In the event that an owner/operator with occ/acc decides to try to collect Workmen’s Compensation benefits, a contingent liability policy can step in to defend the lease agreement. SEE MORE
If you are an independent driver leased to a motor carrier Leased Operator Insurance protects your livelihood and equipment that your carrier does not cover in your liability insurance coverage. SEE MORE
To obtaining your own authority your business will require at the minimum, three advisors who are very familiar with trucking: an attorney, an accountant, and an insurance agent. SEE MORE
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